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Lawn Sprinkler Repair Tips

Lawn sprinkler repair is a process of determining what the problem is, preparing for the repair, preparing the area; and performing the repair. Repairs generally start by switching off the sprinkler system when there is a water leak. Once the sprinkler repair is done, you will need to turn the system back on and perform a test on the effectiveness of your work.

A sprinkler system that needs repairing can be evident from its water flow, and whether it is generally too low or too high. Also, you can tell if your lawn has patches of brown which mean it is drying up through lack of water. The 4 main sprinkler repair jobs are replacing broken sprinkler heads, repairing broken water pipes, evening water dispersion out and restoring power. Each of these can be diagnosed easily.

When a sprinkler head is damaged or broken, there will be a geyser of water coming out at the break. A broken pipe will result in seepage that creates a pool of water and reduced flow to the heads. Uneven water dispersion can cause brown patches of grass which are not getting sufficient water. Power loss means a system is not turning on or off at intervals which are preset, or not watering in patterns that were also preset.

For sprinkler repairs that involve a broken or damaged pipe or sprinkler head, you will need to turn the water off first. Tools needed will include a shovel, hacksaw, and wrench, plus any materials needed to replace the pipe or sprinkler head. Dig around the part which is damaged, making a clearing big enough to work with. Remove the part and replace it, some pipes can be repaired using waterproof adhesive, however, it is recommended that a new piece is installed.

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