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Trees are a wonderful asset to any lawn or garden. They provide shade to the homeowners in the summer and add a certain beauty to the landscape. However, like any living creature, they too can become sick or die of old age. In certain cases, they need to be cut down or relocated in order to prevent accidents. Listed below are some of the signs that show that it’s time for you to call a professional tree removal service company.


There is a risk of them falling down

One of the surest signs that you need to have the plant removed is the threat of it falling down. There can be many reasons for a topiary to fall down. Among them are causes like high winds, soil erosion, and various root diseases. If you notice that the sapling is leaning or being held by other seedlings in a cluster, that it has cracked or heaving soil at the base, or exposed roots then you should have it cut down. This way you can prevent serious health and property damage.


It is overcrowded.

As with other forms of plant life, if a cluster of saplings is growing too close to one another, they begin to stunt their growth. This causes them to branch out into another direction in an effort to reach the sun. In addition, overcrowded clusters promote the development of certain diseases, because of the lack of air and light. If you notice such a grouping, you should consider having one or more of them cut down.


It has fallen ill or died.

If left untreated certain illnesses can cause a tree to die. Should you notice that the something is wrong with the sapling in your garden or lawn, call a specialist as soon as possible. They can help you determine if the plant can be treated or if you will have to remove it. Signs you should look for include yellowing leaves, falling bark and/or branches as well as new growth at its base.


Removing one or more of the topiaries in your garden or lawn helps to prevent the danger of physical injuries and damaging of your home and property. Knowing what to look for when observing the plant allows determining if you need to have it cut down. Do not attempt to do this task yourself. Contact a professional tree removal company such as Complete Lawncare & Tree Service in El Paso, TX.



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