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Lawn Sprinkler Repair Methods

Performing lawn sprinkler repair is a 3 step process to determine what the problem is, of which falls under one of four categories, these are preparing for the repair by having all the proper tools, preparing the area, and doing the actual repair. Before you start any repairs you need to first switch off the water. Once you have completed the repair, turning on the power and water allows you to test how effective your work is.

A lawn sprinkler system that needs repairing is generally shown by its flow of water, either it will be uncontrolled or not enough, or when you start to see patches on your lawn where the grass is turning brown. The most common lawn sprinkler repair jobs are replacing broken sprinkler heads, repairing damaged water pipes, evening water dispersion out and restoring power. Each of these can be diagnosed easily.

When a sprinkler head is damaged, there is often be a geyser of water at the damaged area. A broken pipe will cause water seepage and the reduced flow of water to the sprinkler heads Uneven water dispersion can be seen by brown patches on your grass which is no longer receiving any water. Power loss means your system is not turning on or off at your preset intervals.

For repairs on broken pipes or sprinkler heads, you need to first switch off the water to your system. Tools needed are a shovel, adjustable wrench, and a hacksaw, in addition to any materials that are going to be replaced with a length of pipe or a sprinkler head. Dig carefully around the damaged area so you have sufficient room to work. Remove the sprinkler head by unscrewing it and screw in its replacement. Broken pipes can often be sealed using waterproof adhesive, however, you really should replace the entire section just to be on the safe side.

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